Kinderen in Parbatipur Bashati Trust for Bangladesh

Bashati Trust for Bangladesh


To help improve the living conditions of the poorest population group of Bangladesh, through developing and financially supporting, housing, health care, education, nutrition, employment and clothing related, small scale projects, in close collaboration of Bengali partners.
The trust supports the projects on temporary basis as independence of the projects from the donations is the ultimate goal.
The funds needed for execution is collected by arranging seminars, consisting audiovisual presentation about Bangladesh and the work of Bashati, in front of particulars, companies and service organizations.

General information:

On the  December 16th 1971, after a long fight for freedom, the 139th country of the world was born: Bangladesh.
 In a situation of complete devastation and chaos Dr.Zafrullah Chowdhury started Gonoshasthaya Kendra ( Peoples Health Centre) in 1972 in Savar and has worked since the establishment for ensuring the most important basic needs of the population, see .
With the help received from many different countries, which includes Nederland, Dr. Chouwdhury has now realized numerous projects. These are spread all over the country and are intended for the poorest people.
Due to its simple structure and politically neutral stance the organization Gonoshasthaya Kendra is efficient and achieves a high performance ratio.
Bashati works together more than 25 years with this NGO and supports projects in Dhaka, Parbotipur, and Gaibanda.


The trust Bashati is established in Holland and is a non-profit organization. The trust was founded in 1988 and was originated due to the circumstance that Roel Van Nek and Ita Bruin Slot had long  intensive professional and personal ties with Bangladesh.
Like many others they also fell in love with Bangladesh and its people.
Many visits to Bangladesh and hosting many people from Bangladesh at last lead to a request for help from Bangladesh's part.After intensive consultation with counter partner Gonoshasthaya Kendra, the trust was founded and the aims were defined.

With the years their involvement only increased as they adopted two children from Bangladesh.

Board of directors:

Mr. R. van Nek, Oostopgande 60, 79290TD, Nieuwlande, tel: 06-......
Profession : Architect

Mrs. G.G. van Nek- Bruins Slot, Oostopgande 60, 79290TD, Nieuwlande, tel: 06-12863514
Profession : Psychologist
Mrs. C.M. Schmidt, Nic. Maesstraat 20, 1071RA, Amsterdam, tel: 020-6625384
Profession: Psychotherapist

Mr.A.R.L. Miellet, Zuideropgaande 49, 7913TJ, Hollandscheveld, tel: 0528-342998
Profession: Doctor

Mr. Tarun Chakravarty, Flat B1, House 74B, Road 127, Gulshan 1, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh, tel: 88028610145
Profession: Director of N24 television channel of Bangladesh

The effort of the members of the board of directors is completely voluntary and unpaid which assures that the trust has a high efficiency.
As  we are in direct contact with our counterpart we can function quickly and avoid unnecessary involvement of  the government.
During registration it is specified that Bashati will not be responsible for the salaries and allowances spent in the projects.
We strive to provide occasional help that will make the projects independent, as soon as possible, so that no further assistance from the trust is necessary.
Our initiatives, does not matter how well meant it is from the western point of view, are only validated after our Bengali counterpart completely agrees with it.

Realized projects:

 For Gonoshasthaya Kendra in Parbatipur

School building for 250 students
Boundary wall with gates
Teachers' room
Medical centre
Fruit tree plantation
Medicine and winter cloths for students
Micro credits
Building medical centre for cataract operations

For Gonshasthaya Kendra in Savar

Further training for paramedics
Quality teaching project, teacher's training

For Ganashasthaya Kendra in Gaibanda

School buildings on the sand-islands of the big rivers

For Gono Kallayan Trust in Dhaka

2nd hand wagon for poultry
Poultry and crop seeds
Cows for widows
Chicken Incubator
Micro credit

For Shishu Bikash Kendra in Dhaka

Teaching material and medicine for the school
Financing study programs for the parents of the students
Financing school uniform


Oostopgaande 60
7929TD Nieuwlande
Telephone: 06-12863514